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This paragraph is a conversation from the above video

Fix Berber Carpet Burns

This is Pablo from Curly’s carpet repair. I’m here to fix those spot burns in the carpet.You see those spots. I have already cut them.
PABLO: I will show you the carpet spots
CUSTOMER: Can’t even tell. Holy Cow. I thought. What! Do you need to cut them first? WOW
PABLO: You see this seaming tape here. I am going to heat that up and melt the glue so that it is never going to go anywhere. Now I am going to put glue around the edges of the patch. It is to stop it from unraveling. The carpet Patch is never going to go anywhere. Berber tends to unravel more.
CUSTOMER: wow. It is just like brand new carpet.
PABLO. Yep. And I have a special iron. I will just take and sit on top of the carpet patch and turn it on. It’s going to heat the tape up underneath.
CUSTOMER. WOW. You can’t even tell. Awesome carpet repair job. It’s exactly where it was before. But now when I look at it,I can’t even tell where it was repaired. That”s awesome. Thank you Pablo.
PABLO: You are welcome.
CUSTOMER: I can’t even tell the carpet has been repaired. That looks fantastic. WOW! IT looks great.
PABLO: I am worth my money.
CUSTOMER: Yes you are.