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It has been a few weeks since Pablo visited our home to repair our carpets.  I felt it important to let others know how professional this service was and continues to be.
Our carpet was purchased less than 2 years ago and unfortunately was not layed properly, we had loose bumps through out our home.  I was disappointed at first with the research in finding the best price to redo the shoddy job.  I figured I had already paid for it once and did not expect to have to oay an inflated price to do again.  As I said after several phone calls to many different companies we settled with Pablo at Curlys, not because his price was the best in fact he tells you up front that he may not be the best price but he will do the best work and he guaranteed his work!! Sold!  You don’t find companies stand behind their work like Pablo does, he  assisted with moving our furniture and brought tools to make the moving easier.  Our carpet looks fantastic again and I rest easily knowing I won’t be paying again with Pablo, he has been in business for many years without having to change his business name and reopen like so many others do when they try to hide bad business.  Pablo clearly stands behind his work, seeing is believing.Thank you Pablo

Kerri And Jim H., Richmond, BC