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We all want our homes to be nice and clean, not only for the well-being of your family but also for peace of mind as well. Most of us have been reliant on using bleach and other harsh chemicals to achieve this. Lately, we have been more health conscious and would want to stay away from these as much as possible.

The method of steam cleaning has gained so much popularity these days and there’s no doubt that it can be used perfectly for your floor tiles. If you’re still not using this, then perhaps these benefits could help convince you. 

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Floor Tiles

  1. It is eco-friendly

Because steam cleaning only harnesses the power of hot water to clean, we know that it is healthier for you and your family to use. But in addition to being good for your family, it is also good for the environment. As traditional cleaners get washed away, they eventually find themselves being recycled back into the water supply. Steam cleaning is a much more environmentally friendly option.

  1. It renews

Stubborn dirt and grime do not stand a chance against the powerful temperatures of a good steam clean. The hot, vaporized water can dislodge and lift even the most stubborn of grime. Dingy, dull grout can be transformed back to a fresh state. Plus, steam cleaning has the power to deodorize and eliminate allergens lurking around your home. Source: Grout Restoration Works

  1. Fast and Efficient

Using steam to clean your home is super-fast compared to the traditional mop and bucket. You simply need to plug it in, and you’re ready to clean. You don’t need to carry a bucket of water as you clean. Unlike traditional mops, steam mops require a few passes to leave your tiles clean and dry. There’s no back-and-forth scrubbing of stains to remove them, which can damage a surface.

  1. No Wet Floors

Whether you’re cleaning your home or office, the chances of tripping on a wet floor are higher when you use the standard mop and bucket. Since the water is mixed with detergent, the tiles can get even more slippery, increasing the chances of falling and injuring yourself.

Steam mops don’t require water and take less time to dry. If you live with an older adult or small children, a steam mop can help eliminate slips and falls during floor cleaning. Source: Scrubs Home Cleaning

  1. They’re not just for floors

Some steam mops can also be used as handheld steam cleaners, all around your home. For example, the Shark Floor & Handheld Steam Cleaner S6005UK  transforms into a lightweight portable unit with 5 attachments included for precise above-the-floor cleaning – so you can easily clean bathroom taps and tiles, kitchen counters and inside the oven, glass shower screens, grouting and fiddly areas, all with the power of steam.

  1. Tidying up is easy

No need to empty dirty water from a mop bucket – or worry about the cost and hassle of disposable floor wipes. All Shark steam mops include machine washable, reusable Dirt Grip microfibre cleaning pads – simply pop them in the washing machine and use them again. Plus, the touch-free release system means there’s no need to come into contact with the dirt. Source: Shark Cleaning Hacks

With this information, there’s no doubt that you’ll consider steam cleaning your floors next time. You will surely love the way it cleans while also making the process safe for your entire family. If you have more questions, just get in touch with us and we’d be happy to answer any inquiries you may have!