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When you’re doing a wall-to-wall carpeting project, the carpet padding is the most overlooked yet important part of it all. It is sometimes called the carpet underlay because it is the foundation of every carpet installation.

The main reason why carpet paddings exist is because they help in protecting your carpet. It keeps the underside of your carpet protected from early signs of wearing against the bare floor. Any impact of heavy furniture and foot traffic can be easily absorbed, which prevents significant damage from occurring. 

To get more details of its importance, here are the other benefits that you need to know about carpet padding.

Why Is Carpet Padding So Important

  1. Protecting your carpet—on both sides – One of the most critical aspects of carpet padding is the protection it provides. Simply put, carpet padding will help your carpet last longer. Carpet cushion or padding works to protect the under layer of your home’s carpet from wearing against the base floor the carpet lays on top of. It also protects the top layer of your carpet from furniture indentations and the wear and tear of foot traffic. Without a carpet cushion or padding underneath your carpet, you’ll end up with a frayed and worn carpet—on both sides. And you will need to replace it much sooner. Source: Flooring America
  2. It aids in reducing carpet noise – Basically, padding has been known to assist in reducing noise. In tests that were conducted to compare padded and un-padded carpets, it was noticed that padding reduces noisiness of a carpet significantly. Padding helps to reduce the noise that is caused by traffic by making the footsteps to pound against the floor. It should also be remembered that padding will soften the blow thus making movements quieter.
  3. Padding will make the carpets more comfortable – Tests have indicated that padding can reduce the force on the floor covering that is caused by walking. This will enhance the comfort while walking by reducing the instances of walking fatigue. The padding will act as a shock absorber and thus it will improve our experience as we walk. An unpadded carpet in characterized by discomfort and hardness of the carpet. Source: Mr Carpet
  4. It adds to the insulation of your carpet – Another benefit of padding is the additional insulation it provides.  As an extra layer between you and cold concrete or a chilly basement, padding can help you keep warmer than you would be with just carpet alone.
  5. Padding extends the life of your carpet – Finally, perhaps the greatest advantage of a good carpet pad is its ability to extend the life of carpeting.  Nobody wants to replace carpet more often than absolutely necessary.  The ability of carpet padding to minimize the stress of foot traffic and maximize your cleaning efforts can help you put off replacement of your carpet. Source: Langenwalter

After reading this, you surely won’t take carpet padding for granted. You can always schedule a consultation with us if ever you need more help with this and other carpet installation needs. Just give us a call!