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Stains and spillages are inevitable, and they sometimes happen when you least expect it. Just imagine if such a scenario happens to your carpet when you’re about to have some company in your home.

Depending on the scale of the stain, it would be a hassle to call a professional carpet cleaner right away. There are some sneaky methods you can do in the meantime to hide them instead of calling for backup. 

Tips For Hiding Carpet Stains Until Professional Cleaning

Check out these clever ways on how to disguise your carpet stains for the time being.

  1. Move Furniture Around

Since most stains are the result of food or drink being dropped or spilled, usually whilst sitting on the sofa, a chair or at a table, you might be able to hide the stain temporarily by shifting the furniture a little to cover it up.

However, if there are lots of stains in different parts of the room, you might need to get creative and consider rearranging the furniture to make the marks less noticeable. There are added advantages to this. Moving furniture around can help to give your space a fresh new look and feel, without costing you a penny. It can also be beneficial for your carpet, as it can prevent footmarks from getting into the carpet from furniture that remains situated in the same position for a long time. Moving furniture around also prevents a carpet from succumbing to an uneven color, which can sometimes occur if parts of a carpet are exposed to more light than others. Source: Carpet Bright

  1. Towel + Iron

Some people may be surprised to learn that a simple quick fix for hiding a carpet stain until the cleaners arrive is actually…a slightly damp towel and a clothing iron. Here’s how it works: Place a damp cloth or towel over the stained area of your carpet; run the hot clothes iron directly over these spots; then, release the steam, and repeat these steps so that the stain can transfer into the towel or cloth you’re using. That’s all there is to it.

  1. Baking Powder + Vinegar

First thing to note: You need to use baking powder, not baking soda. This is very important, as the response will be very different from one to the other. As with the soap and water from #1, you will want to make use of a soft brush or towel to gently scrub any areas with a stain, then use a damp towel with clean water afterward. Finally, give the treated spots some time to completely air dry. Source: Whitehall Carpet Cleaners

  1. Dab Up Spills Quickly

The first thing to do when a spill occurs is to dab it up quickly. Grab a rag and go to work! This will help lessen the stain and prevent it from soaking further down into the carpet. Though the stain itself will likely need much more attention from the professionals, do what you can to get the mess out of the carpet while still fresh!

  1. Cover the Stain with an Area Rug

Because you are short of time and there is not much you can do to make the stain go away before your guests arrive, consider covering the dabbed-up stain with an area rug. An area rug will likely look natural anywhere in your living space, and no one will question it! Source: Zerorez

With these methods, we hope that small stains won’t be a headache for you, especially when you need a quick remedy. Once all that’s done, make sure to contact a professional to deal with such carpet issues. Just give us a call!