There are many types of carpet you can choose from, and one of the most popular types is Berber carpet. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide whether this is the right carpet for your home:

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Berber carpet can be made out of a variety of different fibers such as olefin, wool and nylon. While wool is the nicest, it’s also the most expensive. Most weaves are made out of nylon, which is highly affordable. Depending on how you plan to use the carpet, you can easily find a weave, weight and style in your budget. The most economical fabric is olefin. Carpets of this material are usually a combination of olefin (88%) and nylon (12%). Nylon is added to help strengthen the olefin to make it last longer. Source: DoItYourself

Easy to Clean

In addition to the relatively low cost, a big advantage of berber carpet is that it is fairly easy to clean spills and stains. Because of the looped construction, spills tend to sit on the surface of the carpet, so if you can get to them early, you will likely be able to prevent them from sinking into the fiber.

Many berbers are multi-colored or have the traditional color fleck, which makes them great for hiding soiling and any stains that do occur. Source: RugsAndCarpets.About



Berber carpet can have a much rougher feel than other types of carpet such as shag, especially with less expensive versions. The fibers can be coarse, and the “spongy” feel you get with other types of carpet might be absent in cheaper Berber. Source: eHow


If a part of the carpet gets hooked on a pet’s claw or a high heel, the carpet can begin to unravel. If you have cats, they may mistake the carpet as a scratching post. Source: HomeImprovement.LoveToKnow

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