If you’re looking for a soft flooring option, but you’re not ready to commit to something as long-term as a wall-to-wall carpet, carpet tiles are a great alternative.

What You Need to Know About Carpet Tiles

What are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are a unique type of flooring material that straddles the line between tile floors and carpet. Also known as modular carpet, it comes in multiple shapes, sizes, colors and designs. While traditional carpet flooring requires professional installation, DIY enthusiasts can install carpet tiles on their own. Source: Improvenet

What are its different types?

Carpet tiles are made with various fibers, such as wool and nylon, and cut-pile and loop piles in various depths — just like regular carpet flooring.

The biggest difference depends on the type of backing a manufacturer puts on the bottom of the tile. There’s urethane, recycled vinyl, fiberglass, polypropylene and others. Whatever the backing, it’s important to choose carpet tiles with a manufacturer’s warranty against buckling, shrinkage and curling at the edges — the weak spot of carpet tile installation. Source: DIYNetwork

Do they have stylish patterns and designs?

Some carpet tiles have textures that will create a pattern depending on how each tile is laid. If the tiles all face the same direction, the pattern will look like parallel lines running through the carpet. Turning each tile 90 degrees will create a basket weave pattern. One of the easiest patterns to create is a checkerboard pattern, which can be done with just two colors; a variation checkerboard can be created with three colors. Different colors can be laid out in a diagonal pattern. Custom designs can be made by mixing solid-colored tiles with different patterned tiles or patterned tiles can be used to create a border. The possibilities are endless. Lay the tiles out on the floor and experiment with different design ideas. The tiles should be in the exact position you want them before you begin the installation process. Browse through picture galleries for ideas and inspiration. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Choosing between carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpet largely depends on several factors, such as your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic goals. If you’re confused about which one would better suit your home, call us, and we’ll gladly be of help.