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Marble is a versatile and beautiful stone that can add elegant style to any room in your house. But is it perfect for your budget and needs? Get to know the answers below.

Want to Use Marble Tiles at Home? Read This First!

What is marble?

Marble is a very popular natural stone that is quarried and cut into slabs and tiles for a variety of residential and commercial building applications, including countertops, floors, and wall tiles. It is a metamorphic rock that forms when a sedimentary stone, such as limestone, is transformed under heat and pressure into a harder stone with beautiful color and veined patterns. Marble is sometimes confused with granite, however, granite is an igneous rock derived from volcanic magma, not layered sedimentary rock. Granite typically has a pebbly or spotted color pattern, while marble usually has a wavy veined pattern. Source: TheSpruce

Reasons to choose marble

One of marble’s best features is its durability. Builders have relied upon this natural stone for centuries to provide a strong material that will last for a long time. When purchasing and installing high-quality marble tiles, you can feel satisfied in knowing that they will stand the test of time and keep their appearance for years to come (if properly maintained).

Marble is also considered a hypoallergenic choice for floors. Because of its density, marble tile does not store or accumulate antigens and particles like dust and pollen that can cause allergic reactions. This makes it a more sanitary surface that promotes improved air qualities indoors. Source: BuildDirect


A good amount of labor goes into quarrying and finishing marble tiles, so even lower-end marble is a pricey flooring choice. The least expensive tiles start around $5 per square foot and higher-end tiles can run $10 to $40 per square foot, depending on density and veining patterns (fine veining is preferable to heavy veining). Also, the larger the tile, the more expensive the square foot cost. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, in comparison, run just $1 to $3 per square foot.

Professional installation can add an additional $3 to $7 per square foot, depending on the going rate for labor in your area and whether additional work is needed. Source: BobVila

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