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There’s no denying that installing a carpet in your home can brighten and beautify the area. Unfortunately, depending on where you installed your carpet, people will be constantly walking along it. This causes the carpet to age faster especially if it’s not given constant care.

To avoid this, there are preventive measures you can take to ensure your carpets in high traffic areas will not suffer from the early wear and tear. 

Here is our advice about protecting your carpet in high traffic areas.

How To Protect Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas

  1. Pick Durable Materials 

Preventing early depreciation starts even before you place the carpet in the high traffic spot. That means as much as you’ll want to beautify the place, you have to focus on more than just picking bright colors. You want to find something with long lasting material. That is usually what will determine how long the carpet will last – all other maintenance procedures are secondary. Memphis Clean says some of your best options are wool and nylon, as they can withstand intense traffic better.

  1. Vacuum Regularly 

Alright this seems to contradict the idea expressed in the previous point – try to minimize cleaning. However, note that the idea expressed here isn’t the same as using chemicals or scrub brushes. What you want is to use the vacuum cleaner to take out dirt from carpet – so the dirt doesn’t have time to go deeply into the carpet. It’s like sweeping off dirt before it gets the chance to seat. You’re not scrubbing, you’re not steam cleaning or applying any moisture, you’re just “sucking out dirt” before they have a chance to call your carpet their home. Source: Prestige Carpet Cleaners

  1. Maintain clean feet

When you’re trolling about the room, always try to keep your feet clean. Keep filth away from the carpet since it collects more dirt than a hard floor. You may wear socks or slippers as well. In any case, keeping your feet clean is an excellent habit to develop.

  1. Invest in a doormat

You won’t be able to prevent your guests from wearing soiled shoes or socks. But you must figure out a way to keep the dust and dirt from entering with them. The most effective method to keep these elements out is to install a welcome mat in front of your door.

Having a doormat is a fantastic idea. According to carpet experts, you can politely ask your visitors to wipe their feet on the mat. It may not avoid all dirt, but it can keep solid particles from getting on their shoes. Also, make sure the floor mat is cleaned regularly. The most excellent part here is that you can wash it in the washing machine when you need to. Source: Boas Cleaning Services

  1. Control Light

One problem that is easy to overlook is ultraviolet light. UV rays from the sun often filter in through windows, and that light can fade and damage any carpet. Controlling sunlight exposure is the key here.

It can be tough to strike a balance between utilizing natural light and avoiding UV damage. A few tricks go a long way.

First, avoid direct sunlight on the carpet. You can use blinds, drapes, or similar objects to stop any direct sunlight. Diffuse light that comes around blinds and such won’t damage the carpet.

When blinds or drapes aren’t a viable option, window tint can block a lot of UV light that passes through the window and mitigate sun damage.

The most important thing is to avoid direct light through an open space. The glass that makes up windows actually blocks a good chunk of UV light, so even direct light through a window is better than the direct light from an open window or door. Source: Zeppelin Cleaning Services

Now that you’ve learned about these methods, it’s time to apply them and guarantee the longevity of your carpet. If you need more help or professional care, don’t hesitate to give us a call!