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There’s no doubt that some days in a year, your house will be the location of a party that you will be hosting. You get all excited trying to plan out the party, what foods/drinks to serve, the music you’ll be playing, etc. Whatever you have in mind, you will do everything that you can to ensure that your guests will be having a good time.

In every party, the tiring part about it is cleaning up afterwards. You might even give your house a deep cleaning depending on how everything went. And one of the things that could be a headache to clean up are the foods and drinks that might have spilled onto your carpet. Not only could this stain it, but it could also ruin your carpet’s longevity in the process. 

If you want to avoid this scenario, you can plan out some guidelines that could protect your carpet from any harm during the party. Here are some tips to get you started:

How To Protect Your Carpet During a Party

  1. Ask Guests to Remove Shoes

Embarrassing, right? Not necessarily. Invite guests to remove shoes so you don’t have to worry about each guest tracking in dirt, mud, and rainwater. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them to remove their shoes in person, place a “please remove shoes” sign or “please clean shoes on mat before entering” sign on the door.

  1. Choose Light Liquids

Light-colored liquids are one of the easiest ways to avoid spills and stains. Dark sodas, juice, and red wine are the best drinks to stray away from. If you’re worried this might limit your serving options, don’t be. There is an assortment of light-coloured—and tasty—beverages every guest will appreciate.

  • White Wine – Although red wine is a tad more popular than white wine, the latter is just as delicious.
  • Water – Water doesn’t have to be boring. Stock up on sparkling water or add lemons, limes, or strawberry to give it an extra kick of flavour.
  • Sprite, 7UP, and Sierra Mist – Light-coloured sodas are rich in flavour and won’t cause significant damage if spilled.

Be creative. Try different recipes and cocktails that will quench every guests’ thirst without ruining your carpet and rugs. Source: Babayan’s

  1. Party in a proper and comfortable area 

Host your party in a proper, warm, and cozy area during the holidays. Keep enough space for the party according to the number of guests so that the guests stay in that specific area and don’t wander around the house.

Kindly tell them to stay in that specific area and not let anyone enter other rooms of your house; this will protect the other parts of the carpets from unwanted stains and spills of food. Also, ask your guest to remove footwear before entering the house. It will protect your carpet from wear and tear. Source: Ultra Shine

  1. Apply Stain Guard Before the Party

Applying a stain guard to your carpet beforehand will prevent it from getting stained while the party is still going on. This is a good idea because you will not have to worry about the rug getting stained once the party starts and a lot of people are moving around.

  1. Immediately Clean the Carpet After the Party

After the party, clean the area thoroughly. Do not just sweep up the mess and go on with your day. Cleaning it right away will avoid stress during the cleaning process and improve the quality of your carpet.

If there’s a spill or something has fallen on the carpet, you should immediately remove it. Do it before it gets stained or left there for a long time. This will prevent any damage to the carpet and preserve its quality. Source: Queen Bee Cleaning Service

With these prevention tactics, you will surely enjoy the party without getting worried about the state of your carpet later. If ever things still fall through the cracks, you can get in touch with us to handle the problem for you. Just give us a call!