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When a carpet is exposed to high traffic areas, it can become prone to shredding and destruction. Carpets are designed to be durable, everlasting, and functional if it’s given the proper care. But despite the proper precautions, the threads will eventually start becoming loose and the fibers will start breaking down. 

This occurrence might urge you to search for solutions on the internet on how to stop your carpet from shredding. It can become an overwhelming experience at first, especially if some of the sources mention something that is new to you. With this, we will provide you with some of the basic approaches to ensure that you can prevent the shredding without the process being too technical. 

How To Prevent Your Carpet from Shredding

Here are some prevention methods for carpet shredding that you might want to try:

  1. Light vacuuming

Loose fiber fragments are left after carpeting has been manufactured. Over time, they will come to the surface and flake off. The easiest and most effective way to rid these fiber fragments is by vacuuming once a week. As part of a proper residential carpeting maintenance plan, weekly vacuuming should be part of your checklist, but the more often it’s done, the less time-consuming it will be.

This goes for commercial carpeting too. Fibers will come to the surface and light vacuuming is key. Since many commercial spaces or offices have cleaning services, you may not even notice if the service is daily. This is ideal for the reduction of allergens and unnecessary mess in the office or commercial space, which is even better for labor costs and overall company morale. Source: Ozburn-Hessey Company

  1. Avoid aggressive brushing

A carpet rake or carpet brush can help remove loose fibers and speed up the normal shedding process by extracting loose fibers. But be gentle–aggressive brushing can pull out more fibers and exacerbate shedding. You may also work fibers loose that have been attached securely.

  1. Choose a lower-pile carpet

Just like with your pets, the shorter the hair, the less hair that sheds. Carpets with shorter pile heights tend to shed less than those with longer piles. If shedding is a significant concern, think about buying a lower pile. Source: Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

  1. Use rug pads

Placing rug pads underneath your area rugs or runners can provide additional cushioning and support for your carpet. Rug pads help reduce the friction between the rug and the carpet, preventing excessive shedding and extending the life of your carpet. Make sure to use rug pads specifically designed for use on carpets to avoid any damage or slipping.

  1. Minimize direct sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the carpet fibers to fade, weaken, and shed. Protect your carpet from direct sunlight by using window coverings or UV-resistant window films. Additionally, rearrange furniture periodically to ensure even exposure to sunlight and prevent excessive shedding in specific areas. Source: Storables

There’s no doubt that seeing your carpet shred can be an eye-sore but with the help of these methods, you don’t have to deal with it any longer. If ever you need the help of a professional – just give us a call at the number below!