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It is common for carpets to experience wear and tear since they are being stepped on every single day. Apart from that, there are other elements that could gradually damage and ruin their usefulness.

However, if you know how to handle and maintain them well, you can improve their longevity so that you don’t have to buy a new one right away. Not only will it be economical, but you are surely showing your carpet the tender love and care that it deserves.

There are so many things you can do that will ensure your carpets aren’t going to look old anytime soon. These methods are brought to you by industry experts, and you can guarantee that they will make your carpets last longer. 

You can start with your carpet maintenance journey by doing these simple yet effective methods:

How To Maximize Your Carpet’s Lifespan

  1. Vacuum Several Times a Week 

Even if you practice the utmost caution, crumbs, pet fur, and the like will always manage to find a way into your carpet. And allowing dirt to build up can damage the way your carpet fibers appear. Fortunately, you can prevent major dirt build-up by vacuuming multiple times a week. Always vacuum repeatedly over each area and make sure to move the vacuum in different directions to pick up every last stray piece of dust. 

  1. Clean Stains as Soon as Possible

The longer a spill has to dry, the harder the resulting stain will be. This rule applies to almost all types of fabric and includes just about every variety of carpet. Spot treat carpet stains when they occur (or whenever you first notice them) by blotting up all the moisture and then covering the area with baking soda. 

Tougher stains may also need to be lightly soaked in a carpet stain-removing solution. Just be sure to blot out as much moisture as possible after the fact. And try to avoid using store-bought carpet powder cleaners because they’re prone to leaving behind a sticky residue that even pros may struggle to remove. Source: Angi

  1. Protect the carpet from heavy furniture

One of the biggest culprits for damaging the lifespan of carpets is heavy office furniture. Think about it, how many times has a filing cabinet or desk been moved around an office, and the first thing you notice are the lines and dents in the fibers where the furniture sat?

While this might not seem like the worst problem in the world, many of these dents won’t disappear and will be visible if you rearrange the furniture. Any heavy furniture you place on carpet must have some buffer between it and the carpet.

For this, you can use:

  • Furniture coasters / sliders
  • Pieces of old carpet (perfect for underneath filing cabinets)
  • Foam placed underneath thin or sharp edges

You can also opt to regularly move your office furniture around so that it doesn’t settle in the same place for too long. Source: Corporate Care

  1. Mats and Rugs

Rugs and mats are an additional step you can take to avoid ruining your charming interior. Buying good quality area rugs will result in less foot traffic over your main flooring and will keep the dirt out. You will still have to treat the area rugs, but these are generally easier to clean and can be replaced more frequently than regular carpeting. Walk off mats outside your house are another vital aspect and can keep heavy amounts of dirt from being brought in. These mats are a good idea as they will help extend the life of your actual carpets and can easily be replaced.

  1. Remove Shoes

Removing your shoes is also a vital step in the process of keeping your carpet beautiful. A majority of the dirt that enters your house is tracked in by the underside of your shoes. To avoid this mess sinking into your carpets, make a house rule to remove shoes at the front door. This will make carpet-maintenance so much easier in the long run! Source: Zerorez

Carpet maintenance shouldn’t be all that difficult compared to replacing them every once and a while. If ever you need more of a professional approach, you can get in touch with us, and we’ll give it a look. Inquire today!