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If you are a landlord who owns a rental property, you’d do your best to protect it from someone who’s just renting it and will be moving away after a few years. In the case of carpets, maintaining it isn’t hard and expensive especially if you know the proper ways of doing. 

As a landlord, you can’t always control everything but there are certain measures you can do to ensure that your carpets are always in top condition. By implementing the following steps, your carpets will continue to serve your property in many years to come.

How to Maintain Carpets in a Rental Property

  1. Invest in Carpet Protectors for High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas like doorways and hallways are prone to wear and tear more quickly than other areas of your home. If you are concerned about damage and want to make sure you get your security deposit back at the end of your lease, consider using carpet protectors.

Investing in some clear vinyl carpet protectors that will shield the fibers from direct exposure and protect these areas from heavy foot traffic. These products come in various shapes and sizes so you can find ones that best fit your needs! 

  1. Make Sure to Replace Your Carpet Padding as Needed

Your carpet padding plays an important role in keeping your carpeted floors soft, comfortable, and free from stains. Over time, however, it can start to break down and wear out – making it less effective at protecting your carpets from daily wear and tear. If you feel like your carpet padding is starting to wear down and compress, replace it as soon as possible for optimal performance. Source: GM Services

  1. Clean Between Tenants

Most landlords will require their current tenants to clean before they move out and will often hire a professional cleaning company as well to do a deep clean. Most tenants expect carpets to be cleaned between tenants, but sometimes this doesn’t happen effectively. If you have a furnished apartment, make sure you have your carpet cleaning company move the furniture out while they clean so they can get every square foot of carpet. There is nothing grosser for a tenant than to move furniture and find that the carpet under the couch is a completely different shade. If it isn’t furnished, make sure that you hire the carpet cleaning company to vacuum before the clean. Their professional-grade vacuums are more effective than the standard ones you might have. Source: Chet’s Cleaning

  1. Vacuum Regularly

We highly recommend vacuuming once a week, to give you a chance to keep an eye on the carpet for any stains or marks you may have missed.

Vacuum carpet fibres in both directions, making sure that you are including corners and edges as well. Source: Electrodry

Even if you don’t own a rental property, carpet maintenance is still a must. Take these tips into account to ensure their longevity, which will help you save money in the long run. If you need more tips like this or want to consult a professional, just give us a call!