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Carpet cleaning should be included as part of your regular home maintenance. However, there are many myths surrounding it, which ends up leading people to make poor decisions. 

Common Carpet Myths

To ensure you won’t become a victim to the many carpet myths, we listed some of the ones that are well-known so far:

Myth 1: Carpet has formaldehyde in it

No, it most certainly does not. NO formaldehyde has been used anywhere near the carpet manufacturing process since 1978. Period. No ifs-ands-or-buts about it. Before 1978, only some makers had used a small amount of formaldehyde as a resin hardener. Even if there was carpet still around from prior to 1978, it does not have any formaldehyde now, as it would have completely dissipated.

The reason this myth is so persistent is there are companies that sell home test kits. Some of these companies are less than honest, and claim that their test kits will test your home for all sorts of nightmares including “formaldehyde from carpet”. Formaldehyde does have some man-made and natural sources (plywood, for instance), but carpet is NOT one of those sources. 

Myth 2: Thicker pad is better

Again, density and not thickness will be the most important consideration in how durable your pad is. Furthermore, for installed carpet, there are specific guidelines for pad thickness that MUST be followed. The difference in pad qualities is not thickness, but density. Source: Pelletier Rug Co., Inc.

Myth 3: Carpet aggravates allergies

There’s a reason this myth is number one on our list—the exact opposite of it is true. Carpet in fact helps you breathe easier. It acts as an allergen trap and holds significant quantities of dirt, dust and other substances, so they don’t float around in the air. Carpet holds onto all of this debris until you’re ready to remove it with regular vacuuming. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that people with asthma or allergies use a vacuum with a HEPA air filter. This type of air filter will trap even the smallest particles and allergens that other vacuum cleaners usually just pass through. Source: Avalon Flooring

Myth 4: Carpet is not sustainable

The modern sustainability movement pushed the carpet industry in an eco-friendly direction. This means many carpets are now made from recycled materials and can be recycled again when it’s time to remove it. With sustainability in mind, companies like Shaw Floors are putting customers first and designing flooring for a better future.

Myth 5: Carpet is hard to maintain

With regular maintenance, carpet is no more challenging to maintain than other flooring options. Rather than sweeping and mopping weekly, you’ll vacuum weekly. It’s one less step, and with a deep clean each year, your carpets should have a very long life! Source: Eastman’s Carpet & Flooring

If you’re looking for a professional to come give your carpets a great clean – just give us a call!