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This is Pablo from Curly’s car repair. I have come into this place and they have rip in the carpet. It is up in West Vancouver. The rip in the carpet is right here. This is the old carpet piece and the new piece. This is the old piece of carpet on top. Here the new installed carpet piece is right there. You see that that it has a bit of discoloration because it’s from the closet.

This is the hallway. This piece really needs to be taken out and put a new piece in.
The carpet beside it is dirty. I have to cut out and start to patch the new carpet piece in. So now I have put the new carpet patch in. I have old carpet piece beside it. There is darkness on the new piece because there is a light shadow. You can see that the old piece is pretty dirty. It’s not so good. The new piece is looking a lot better. The carpet just needs to be cleaned up. They just run an exercise machine up and down the hall every day and it gets pretty dirty. .
THE OWNER: I can’t even see it. I just see the lines there.
PABLO: Yes the light shadows are on the carpet patch
OWNER: Yes you it looks tremendous. It looks great.
PABLO: As you can see this is the piece I put in. As you can tell,the customer was very happy with it. It’s got the stain out. There is some lightness here in the new carpet piece. It will probably be a better match when the carpet is cleaned.