Carpet buckling or wrinkling often happen for many reasons, including normal wear and tear and improper installation. It’s important to address this problem early because it can lead to fall accidents. We know there are some common questions that come up when people think about stretching their carpets as a solution so we’ve put together this blog post to answer those for you!

Answering Common Carpet Stretching FAQs

Can you DIY a carpet stretching project?

Straightening a carpet might seem a straightforward task – and it is, if you rent the right equipment and find helpers to move furniture, operate the power stretcher and hand you the staple gun, knee kicker and other tools as you need them. Repairing 200 square feet of loose or rumpled wall-to-wall carpet, however, can challenge your patience — just as you straighten one ripple, another appears. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

How much does it cost?

If your carpet is in good shape but dirty and beginning to buckle, having it cleaned and stretched extends its lifespan considerably, making it look much younger. The average cost of cleaning and stretching together is around $250 but is higher if the carpet is severely stained or needs deodorizing. Source: Fixr

Are you required to move all furniture before stretching?

Whether you DIY or hire a pro, you likely need to move at least 50% of the furniture before carpet stretching. You don’t necessarily have to take every single piece of furniture out of the room, especially if you have help from a carpet pro with a power stretcher. Things can depend on where the carpet needs to be stretched, the location of the furniture and how heavy the furniture is.

Should you clean before stretching the carpet or after?

You should stretch your carpet and then clean it. This makes sure you clean the entire carpet well. If done correctly, stretching won’t allow wrinkles to return through professional cleaning.

Source: HomeAdvisor

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