Pets are lovely creatures that bring limitless happiness into any home. But no matter how much you love your furbaby, it’s normal to feel frustrated because of the amount of hair they shed. Good thing there’s a number of solutions available. Here are some:

3 Tips for Removing Pet Hair at HomePhoto by Gulyás Bianka on Unsplash

Adhere to a regular cleaning schedule

A regular and thorough vacuuming is the best way to remove pet hair from your home. Start high and work low, using proper attachments to run the vacuum over walls, into corners and over draperies and window sills. Static electricity and low humidity in a home can help pet hair cling to surfaces. Running a humidifier is good for you and makes breathing easier, skin feel more hydrated and it helps keep tufts of loose pet hair from clinging to surfaces. If you have a pet, keep a schedule of regular vacuuming to maintain a home free of pet hair. Source: SheKnows

Use a squeegee

You can also use a dry rubber squeegee or rubber broom to lift up any pet hair from carpets. It might freak you out slightly and cause slight rage at your vacuum (why is it missing so much?!), but man, does it ever work. Just “rake” an area with the tool in short, fast strokes and you’ll see hair peeling up off the carpet. Source: CleanMySpace

Don’t forget to groom your pet

Don’t duck your grooming responsibilities; embrace them. Giving your dog or cat a quick one-minute brushing outdoors or in the garage every day will save time and effort spent dusting, sweeping and vacuuming every week. With a little hair off the dog (or cat) at a time and place of your choosing, you’ll soon see a reduction in the number of fur bombs you find around the house.

Bonus: Your cat won’t hack up as many hairballs for you to step on before you’re fully awake in the morning. Source: VetStreet

Don’t be afraid to let your pets roam around inside your carpeted home. If ever your carpet needs deep cleaning or repair, you can always call us. We’ll have it sorted for you in no time!