When you have a fur baby, it is clear that tidying up after them will be part of your life. However, the chore can become more difficult if your flooring requires an extra amount of care and attention than usual! Here are 3 things I recommend for making this process easier on yourself:

3 Important Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Prevent potential headaches by choosing a stain-proof carpet

If you are able, stain-resistant carpet is always the way to go. Consider this option if you are replacing the carpeting or wish to carpet a wood or tile floor. This type of carpet is often more costly but also lasts for an extended period of time. Stain-resistant carpet already has a protective layer applied to the fibers. There is no need for scotch guarding practices as it can withstand being steam-cleaned, vacuumed and spills without losing too much of its integrity. Source: Amerifirst

Take care of accidents fast

With pets as with life, accidents happen. The key to making sure that accidents don’t become lasting stains is to take care of it right after it happens. Step one is to remove any solids using a dustpan or even a dull knife if necessary. Then grab a roll of paper towels, lay several down on the trouble-spot, and weigh them down either with a heavy object or by standing on it yourself. Once the area is dry, prevent discoloration by cleaning the carpet area thoroughly with tepid water and dish soap. Source: ApartmentFinder

Don’t let pet hair overwhelm you

Pet hair can accumulate on everything, especially carpets. A shedding pet can leave a trail of hair across the floor that can quickly clog your vacuum cleaner. Wrapping masking tape around an old paint roller and attaching it to an old broom or mop handle can act like a giant lint roller to pick up pet hair before you vacuum. Alternatively, raking your carpet with a rubber-bristled carpet rake collects the pet hair in clumps, so you can remove the hair by hand before vacuuming. Vacuum your carpet at least three times a week with a HEPA-filtered, bagless vacuum to reduce the amount of pet hair left in your carpet. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Have you noticed any damage or stains on your carpet caused by your pets? Or maybe you can smell an odor that won’t go away? We can help get rid of all those for you! Call us today.