Heavy pieces of furniture create remarkable dents in your carpet. The moment you think of giving your room a new look by rearranging your stuff, these annoying dents will stand out. Avoid this problem by checking out the following tips:

 3 Helpful Tips for Preventing Carpet DentsImage Source: Flickr

Make use of caster caps

Sometimes called caster caps, set one of these under each leg or furniture foot of the heavy couch, chair or table. The top side consists of a plastic or rubber round circle or square on which the foot of the heavy furniture rests. On the side that faces the carpet, note the many spikes that protrude into the carpet to separate, rather than indent the carpet strands. While super-heavy furniture may still leave an indentation, with this type of protection, it springs back quickly after vacuuming. Source: Hunker

Choose your carpet wisely

Consider installing dent-proof carpets and padding. Choose high-density carpets. To find out if the carpet is high-density, you should fold over the provided sample. This will let you know if the backing is amidst the fibers. In high-density carpets, backing is not visible. These carpets are costly but bear the strain of furniture in a better way. Moreover, these carpets are more comfy and stand the test of time. Source: EzineArticles

Don’t let furniture settle in one place for a long time

Move furniture regularly. Furniture dents form because heavy furniture compresses the same fibers in the same way for too long. An easy way to stop this from happening is to move the furniture often so that it doesn’t sit on the fibers long enough to compress them. Move the furniture by about an inch (2.5 cm) every one to two months to stop dents from forming.  This method works best with small furniture and furniture that’s on casters. Source: WikiHow

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