Rippling of a carpet is not only annoying, it can also be dangerous. It is a fall hazard for everyone in the family, and thus should be immediately repaired. Check out the following reasons that probably caused your carpets to buckle:

Moving heavy furniture

Another common reason that carpet may buckle is the dragging of heavy furniture (or similar item) across the surface of the carpet. When a heavy item is dragged across the surface, it tugs on the carpet and can cause the carpet to stretch.

To avoid causing your carpet to buckle when moving furniture or other heavy items, you must take precautions. It is best to lift the item and carry it if it is possible.

If the item is too heavy to be completely lifted off the carpet, then use two sheets of sturdy plywood to move it. Place one sheet on the carpet and “walk” the item onto the plywood (move it slowly, one side at a time, almost as if it was walking forward). Then place the second plywood sheet on the carpet in front of the first, and “walk” the item from the first onto the second. Once you have the item completely on the second sheet, lift the first sheet and place it in front of the second, and continue in this manner until the item has been relocated. Source: TheSpruce

Installation fails

If a carpet is not stretched properly during installation, the carpet can loosen and develop ripples and wrinkles. This is one of the major reasons for carpet to wrinkle. The manufacturing of the carpet itself has changed and carpets are stiffer now. This makes utilizing the proper tools and techniques when installing the carpet imperative.

Professionals will utilize a pole or power stretcher. This will stretch your carpet from wall to wall. If your installer is only using the knee kicker to install your carpet, it is not going to be stretched to manufacturers’ specifications. Source: AngiesList

Wrong padding

Incorrect pad thickness or density. If the padding is too thick, in some cases it can cause the carpet to disengage from the tackless strip, thereby losing tension. A thick, low-density pad can cause delamination. Source: DenGarden

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