Saxony carpets are a popular option for homeowners because of their luxurious look and feel. If you’re considering purchasing it for your home, here is what you need to know.

What You Need To Know About Saxony Carpets

What is Saxony carpet?

Saxony carpet features upright, cut-pile fibers that are evenly cut for a uniform look. Saxony carpet pile usually measures less than 1/2 in. and is made from nylon, wool, polyester or triexta. This is a traditional and common style you’ve undoubtedly seen in many homes. Source: FamilyHandyman

Types of Saxony carpet

Straight Saxony

A straight Saxony has all of the fibers going in the same direction to present a consistent color. This style is also sometimes called a velvet Saxony because it presents a similar appearance to velvet. If you brush your hand across the surface, you will see the difference in color where the disturbed fibers were moved in the opposite direction. This style of carpet is beautiful and luxurious but Saxony carpets show footprints and every vacuum stroke.

Textured Saxony

A more recently popular style, called textured Saxony, is also known as trackless. This style has the same general characteristics as a straight Saxony, but the key difference is that the fibers are kinked or twisted in different directions. They reflect the light differently, which means that when you brush your hand across the surface, you don’t notice as much of a difference in color. A textured Saxony can help to mask footprints and vacuum marks, making them a popular choice for busy households. Source: FamilyHandyman

Additional considerations


The durability of Saxony depends on its fibers. Wool Saxony and triexta Saxony carpets can be highly durable. Acrylic and polyester are less durable, while nylon has moderate durability.


Some Saxony types can be sustainable or eco-friendly. Wool is an extremely sustainable material, while nylon can be recycled. Polyester cannot be recycled but can be made from recycled water bottles. Triexta Saxony can be made from corn glucose, making it more sustainable as well.


Saxony is available in multiple materials, with each material varying in terms of durability. Look for the most recent types of each material, such as PET polyester, to get the best material.

Crushability. Saxony is a cut pile carpet and, therefore, may crush if you use a material that is susceptible to this, such as polyester. Source: Fixr

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