Have you noticed when you look at your carpet that some areas look darker than others? Find out what causes this problem by reading below:

What is Carpet Pile Reversal?

How does pile reversal look?

Traffic Lanes Gray: The carpet appears to be soiled, but is actually clean.  This is often due to a combination of factors, such as scratches or fiber distortions due to wear, which will cause light to reflect at different angles instead of uniformly. 

Shading, Pooling, or Nap Reversal:  Normal traffic causes the pile of carpet to flatten slightly, resulting in a shaded effect, especially in plush carpet.  Vacuuming the pile in the same direction can temporarily correct this situation.  Source: Cleanlink

Why does it happen?

Most commonly, pile reversal is the result of poor installation. If two pieces of carpet need to be seamed together in a room, the installer must ensure that the direction of the pile is consistent in both pieces. Otherwise, when the two pieces are joined they can actually look like two different carpets.

Less commonly, the pile can actually change direction on a single piece of carpet. This is somewhat of a mystery in the industry. Sometimes, it is evident that the pile direction shifts in the direction of foot traffic. Other times, though, it has no apparent cause.

In rare instances, the carpet comes straight from the manufacturer with the pile reversed on part of the roll. Unfortunately, reverse pile is not considered by carpet manufacturers to be a defect and therefore is not covered by warranty. Source: TheSpruce

Which carpet type is the least prone to

Examine loop-pile carpets such as Berber, which does not show any footprints or marks at all. It makes an ideal choice for dressing all those common areas of your home, and rooms where you may socialize frequently. A loop pile carpet, Berber’s yarns are sewn through the back of the carpet. Multilevel loop rugs offer a dimensional appearance unlike cut carpet, which has as a straight, tufted appearance. When choosing carpet for the high-traffic areas of your home, couple your design perspective with a touch of realism. For example, a multi-level or patterned Berber rug stylishly conceals the appearance of footprints when compared to fancy, thick-pile carpeting. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

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