Contrary to popular belief, carpets can be cheap and manageable. That is if you choose synthetic fibers for your flooring. Known for their great resistance and low cost, the following types of carpet will be perfect even for the busiest working professional. Take a look:

Types of Synthetic Carpet FibersPhoto by Bulkan Evcimen on Unsplash


Carpet made from polyester is long lasting and more readily retains bright colors. It is a very tough fiber so it is easy to clean with regular vacuuming, spot cleaning for stains and it will not wear down as quickly as some other materials. Source: AngiesList


Nylon is one of the most well-known synthetic fibers. For years it has been considered the ‘ultimate’ carpet fiber. Nylon is, in general, a strong fiber with high resiliency (the ability to bounce back after becoming flattened or compacted). This translates into a very durable carpet.
Nylon does have some disadvantages, though: it is more expensive than other synthetic carpet fibers, and less stain resistant (although it is always protected with a stain treatment). Source: TheSpruce


Olefin fibers have a similar appearance to wool. This is one reason why this fiber finds applications in area rug. It is often a good choice for loop carpets like Berbers. The fiber is strong, elastic, has good abrasion resistance and has excellent resistance to staining, chemicals, mildew and fading. It is an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors like artifical sport turfs. Olefins are usually the least expensive carpet fibers but they also have lower resilience than nylon and polyester, meaning olefin fibers do not “bounce back” as quickly after being compressed by foot traffic.


Acrylic fibers are made from polyacrylonitrile. The fiber is lightweight, soft, and warm, with a wool-like feel and can mimic natural fibers such as cotton and wool or can be blended with them. The fiber has fair to good abrasion resistance and good resistance to staining, chemicals, mildew, and fading. However, acrylic fibers are not as durable as the other three major types of carpet fibers. Acrylics are usually not a good choice for high traffic areas. Source: PolymerDatabase

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