Tiles come in many different styles and colours that can help match with any room’s design. So whether you’re renovating or building a new home, mosaic tiles can be a great option. Read on to learn about some of our favourite types, and maybe you can consider them for your project.

Types of Mosaic Tiles


“Even the ancient Romans used glass mosaic tile surfaces.”

It says a lot about a material when it is still one of the more popular decorative surfaces in the world after thousands of years of use. Glass mosaic is such a tile, as even the ancient Romans took advantage of the beauty and value evident in this material. Homeowners have many options when it comes to selecting a glass mosaic pattern, and the range of colors and styles continues to make the material an excellent choice for a backsplash surface. As with metal mosaics, glass mosaic tiles are renowned for their ability to withstand moisture and stains. And, because the material is so durable, you can rest assured it will last after installation for many years ahead. Source: BuildDirect


These are tiles cut from marble, granite, basalt and limestone. The range and beauty of each tile is determined by the stone itself. They are sold in sheets or individual squares. Source: DoItYourself


And lastly, if you are going short on budget, but still want to have that ‘mosaic’ feel in your house, then you should go for the most traditional option: ceramic tiles. Known as the everyman-tiles, ceramic tiles are easily mass produced and can be found at regular craft stores. These tiles can be used wherever you want, and depending on the design can look premium too. The problem ceramic mosaic tiles is, they are not customizable and you’ll be to live with pre-set designs. There are both glazed and unglazed options for you to choose, so you have some options on that regard. For the living room, you can choose glazed designs and unglazed for other parts of the house. Source: HandymanTips

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