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Pet carpet damage repair

Pet damage carpet repair

Pet carpet damage you say? Just get Curlys carpet repair to fix it for you

Your beloved pet really loves your carpet and you have the carpet damage to prove it. Trying to figure out ways to stop your pet from scratching, chewing or damaging your carpet can be a headache but an even greater headache would be the cost and hassle of buying a new carpet in Vancouver. Thankfully that doesn’t have to be the case because a Vancouver carpet repair service is actually very easy and cost effective. There are many ways pet carpet damage may arise that a simple Vancouver carpet repair service will fix, such as;

  • Digging or scratching up the carpet  as an attempt to claw their way out of a room
  • Chewing on the carpet causing it to tear or fray
  • Worse, your pet may urinate on the carpet. If it’s your dog, cleaning the carpet successfully is easy, if it’s your cat the urine carpet stain will be an odour nightmare that requires cutting out that section of the carpet

Having to hunt down for a new, cheap carpet in Vancouver isn’t fun or necessary, when a Vancouver carpet repair service is a phone call away and actually much cheaper and easy to do.

What do I do?

You can let your pet back into the house for starters, for our Vancouver carpet repair brigade is here. You may have tried scrubbing or bleaching out your pet’s urine stain from your carpet for days unsuccessfully but what we recommend will fix your carpet damage for good.

  • Curlys carpet repair teamwill simply assess the extent of your carpet damage
  • If you have any leftover rug pieces from the original carpet installation process, we can use those as carpet patches for the damaged sections
  • The idea is to perfectly cut out the damaged carpet sections and delicately fix in new or old carpet patches, blend them in and give you a fast and meticulous Vancouver carpet repair servicethat will leave you all smiles

Why should I do it?

Well, seeing that the carpet stain, more like yourpet’s carpet damageisn’t something you have to live with then you may as well enjoy

  • A fast, easy and affordable Vancouver carpet repair service to eliminate your pet’s mess
  • Get rid of the haunting carpet odour of pet urine
  • Save yourself the hassle of looking for affordable carpeting in Vancouverand most of all the cost of buying a new carpet

Get rid of the painful reminder of what your pet did to your carpet especially if it’s a carpet stain that reeks. You wanted a Vancouver carpet repair service team that can help, Curlys carpet repair is here. We have all the carpet repair solutions, tools and expertise to take care of the carpet damage fast and hassle-free.