Find out how you can make your carpet look like new without having to spend the money to replace it. Here are some easy-to-do tips for you to follow:

How to Revive Flattened CarpetPhoto by Christian Chen on Unsplash

Move your furniture regularly

Carpet pile gets flattened when heavy objects sit on it for too long, so make it a point to slightly adjust heavy furniture periodically to avoid flat spots. Either move your furniture a few inches every few weeks, or rearrange your room entirely to keep your carpet from wearing unevenly and causing flat spots. Try to create new walkways between your furniture, as high traffic can cause flattening of larger areas. When you move your furniture, lift it up entirely off the carpet instead of dragging it to avoid causing extra wear on it that may cause even more flattening. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Use an ice cube

To get rid of indentations and bring your carpet back to life, place a single ice cube in the indentation and allow it to melt. Once it has melted, brush the carpet fibers with your fingers to revive them. Do not use a scrub brush; this will be too abrasive and harmful to your carpet! Finish by vacuuming the area, once the carpet is fully dry. Voila! You no longer need to feel like your furniture is chained to the spot. Source: TheSpruce

Use an iron

Place a damp cloth over the indentations. Hold a hot steam iron a few inches above it to allow the moisture to work its way into the pile. Do not let the iron touch the carpet pile. Alternatively, use a hair dryer to warm the pile. While it is still warm, use a spoon, coin or the tips of a fork to gently tease the pile upright. Source: EzineArticles

Does your carpet still look worn even after trying these tips? We can help you out! Call us!