When you look at your tiles, do you see any cracks or crumbling grout? If so, don’t panic! There is no need to replace the tiles. You can fix the problem yourself by repairing the grout. In this blog post, we will show you how to do it. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Repair Crumbling Grout

Remove the old grout

You will need to use a special grout saw to effectively remove the damaged grout and prevent your tiles from becoming damaged. As you use the saw, be sure to do so with careful, gentle motions. Aim the saw directly into the grout lines and avoid using it on the tile itself whenever possible. While you remove the old grout, use even, steady motions and push the saw directly into the grout. Wear safety goggles for additional protection. Source: BuildDirect

Match the color 

Unless you’re replacing all the grout in your space, you’ll need to find a replacement that’s as close to the original color as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be very obvious where you regrout.

You can get help by taking a piece of your old grout to a home improvement store. An employee might be able to color-match the sample to one of their products. Source: Angi

Replace with new grout

Prepare the grout mixture according to manufacturer instructions, if it is not premixed. If you have a large area to address, divide the work area into sections and only prepare the amount of grout that you will use in 15 minutes.

Place grout over the spaces where it is needed and pack it into the gaps with your finger or a rubber grout float. If you are using a rubber grout float, hold the float at a 30-degree angle to spread the material out and force it into the joints, then run the float over the tiling at an almost 90-degree angle. Make sure your movements are oriented diagonally to the joints to avoid digging the grout out.

Wipe excess grout off of the surface of the tiles with a damp, clean sponge.

Wipe all residue off of the tile surface with a clean, dry cloth about 15 minutes after you use the damp sponge.

Seal grout or apply a colorant to the grout joints about a week or so after you repair the grout, once the grout has completely dried. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

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