White spots caused by spilled bleach are annoying to see. Sort it out in no time by doing the following:

Protect your hands

Keep in mind that bleach can harm your skin. Always wear protective gloves before trying to wash bleach out of your carpet by hand. Do so even if the bleach has dried, since the chemicals are still present even though the moisture isn’t. Source: WikiHow

Remove the stain

Step 1

Wet a large sponge or thick, white towel with plain water. Wring out any excess water just until the item is not dripping wet. Do not use colored towels as they can be affected by the bleach.

Step 2

Place the damp towel or sponge over the bleach spot and press the item into the spot to release the water. Remove the item.

Step 3

Immediately place a dry towel over the spot and press down on it firmly to remove as much liquid from the area as possible. Repeat this process two to three times to dilute the bleach residue. Blot up as much water as possible with the dry towels.

Step 4

Purchase a fabric dye color that matches the carpet’s color.

Step 5

Prepare the dye according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 6

Test the dye on a hidden area of the carpet to determine if it is a good color match.

Step 7

Dip a clean, white rag into the fabric dye.

Step 8

Place the rag onto the bleach spot and press the rag down into the carpet fibers. Repeat as necessary to achieve the correct intensity of color. Layer the color to build its depth rather than adding the dye quickly. Source: Hunker

Seek a professional’s help

What should you do if your attempts to get the bleach out yourself just aren’t working? James says if you look online, you’ll find all kinds of ideas from coffee grounds to printer ink to boxes of hair dye. However, he says these methods can all go wrong, leaving your carpet looking a little the worse for wear.

James says you can try a little crayon on a small patch, but beyond that he recommends calling a professional carpet cleaning company. He says they’ll be able to assess your carpet and let you know the most effective way to treat it. Source: Property24

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