Have you noticed the appearance of these pests on your carpeted floors? Today, we’ll teach you how to deal with this annoying problem.

What are carpet beetles?

The common variegated carpet beetle is recognisable by its oval-shaped, grey, brown and cream mottled body. Although it measures only 2-4mm in length, its larvae can cause considerable damage to wool carpets as well as feather-filled soft furnishings.

The adults are most active in late Spring and early Summer but the larvae won’t hatch until the Autumn, when you will start to see damage. Source: Good HouseKeeping

How to get rid of them?

Spray or dust your carpet and furniture with an insecticide. There are many different types of carpet treatment products that you can buy. Make sure that whatever spray or dust you’re applying is for killing carpet beetles specifically, and check the label of chemical insecticides to make sure that the product contains chlorpyrifos, bendiocarb, and allethrin in order to ensure eradication success. 

  • Chemical insecticides may be harmful to other animals, so if you have any pets make sure to secure them in a location away from where the insecticide is sprayed or dusted.
  • Spread boric acid all over your carpet and upholstered furniture, and make sure to vacuum it up within two hours of laying it down. While it is lethal for beetles, boric acid isn’t powerful enough to harm humans. 
  • Dehydrate carpet beetles with diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on pet beds and in the back of cabinets and closets. It’s safe for pets and humans, but you’ll need to wear a respirator or mask while applying to keep yourself from inhaling the particles. 
  • Many common household pesticides that kill ants and roaches will also kill carpet beetles, or simply limit their food supply. Spray the product in corners of closets, on window ledges, and in any crevices that could potentially house carpet beetles. Source: WikiHow

Do a deep clean

To be on the safe side, it’s advisable to deep clean any upholstery around the carpet as some beetles may have strayed away and made their home in these fabrics. If this is the case, they will multiply and find their way back to your carpet. To deep clean your upholstery, vacuum the material thoroughly using an appropriate attachment. Don’t leave out any crevices or narrow spaces as bugs tend to hide in these areas. Next, make a solution of white vinegar and water (equal parts) and spritz it over the upholstery; leave it to air dry. Vinegar acts as a natural bug repellent that doesn’t stain or smell. Source: Build

Carpet beetles can cause damage to your carpet. But don’t worry! We can take care of that. Call us today to book an appointment.