Cleaning your carpet isn’t the sole purpose of a vacuum cleaner. In fact, there are several attachments to choose from and each one plays a different role. Here are some examples:


Image Source: Flickr

Crevice Tool

With its skinny shape and angled tip, this one gets into the tight spots: corners, along baseboards, around radiators or vents, between sofa cushions, and more. You can also use it for cleaning refrigerator coils or de-linting the inner workings of your dryer. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Dust Brush

A dust brush attachment typically has a circular brush head and is especially effective at picking up dust and particles without scratching surfaces. It works particularly well on window blinds, shelves and wooden surfaces. Source: ABowlFullOfLemons

Upholstery Brush

This extension resembles the vacuum brush but its bristles are more brittle and quite long, making it ideal for working on carpets. Similarly, it is essential to force soap and cleaners into furniture and carpets to get rid of all dirt, odor and stains.

Where it is used: This extension is helpful when getting rid of stains from furniture or shampooing your carpets. You can also use it to remove debris from your couches and armchairs. Source: VacuumsGuide

Stair Cleaner Attachment

Stair cleaner attachments come in many different styles. But most feature a wide, pivoting opening at the end of an extended hose, allowing you to clean around moldings while keeping the standing vacuum at the bottom of the stairs. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Bare Floor Attachment

Extend your vacuum’s usefulness to the kitchen or your hardwood floors. A bare floor attachment allows your vacuum to handle jobs on surfaces it may not have been designed for. The standard vacuum function is for carpets and a bare floor attachment becomes necessary should you want to use it otherwise. You will never have to use a broom again once you get a bare floor attachment. Source: Ebay

Keeping your carpet clean provides great benefits for you and your family. Call us today!