Are you planning to use carpet on one room of your home and a different flooring on an adjacent area? Here are some approaches that professionals use to get a flawless-looking transition:

Tuck-in Carpet to Tile

This is the method that is most often used for transitioning from carpet to tile. In this method, you make use of the often-used carpet helper, the tack strip.

It is highly recommended that you lay the tiling before you install the carpet if using this method. Carpet can easily be cut and positioned easily, or at least, it can be moved more more easily than tile, especially after the tile has been set into place.

After the tile is installed, put in a tack strip 1/4 to 3/8 inches from the edge of the tile. The next step should be to cut at the direct edge of the tile. However, you can also pull the carpet across the space between the tack strip and the tile’s edging. Then use a knee kicker so that the carpet has extra edging, allowing it to be pushed into the space. After that, use the tack strip to hold it in place. Source: DoItYourself

Carpet to Concrete

If you are working with a transition point where a concrete floor is in place, you cannot nail down the tack strips, nor should you use general construction adhesive to mount a tack strip in place. Instead, there are specialty glues sold at home improvement stores which are specifically designed to mount tack strips to concrete. They are fast-drying and some come in a hot-glue style of application; others are troweled on or applied via a caulking gun. The same rule applies: the tack strip needs to be placed at least 1/4 inch from the edge of the tile to allow room for the tuck. Existing carpet installations merely require that the tile meet up to the edge. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Use a Carpet Edge Gripper

A carpet edge gripper is an aluminum strip that holds the edge of carpet with sharp metal teeth. It is used to transition to any adjoining surface that is lies lower the carpet.

An edge gripper is installed by being tacked to the subfloor. Then, the carpet is forced into the toothed side of the strip, which holds the carpet backing much the way tackless strips are used to secure a carpet around the perimeter of a room. Source: TheSpruce

Carpet will always be a timeless flooring for high-end homes if installed right. So, if you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of your carpet, let us take care of it! Call us today!