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Carpet damaged ? Get a Coquitlam carpet repair service right away!

Coquitlam carpet repairThe idea of placing your feet on a cold tiled floor isn’t very appealing.  We at Curlys carpet repair understand that, especially since we know how great a warm, soft carpet feels. That’s why carpet damage shouldn’t simply be swept under the rug, especially when your Coquitlam carpet repair team is only a phone call away.

Carpet damage is easy to incur from recurring carpet stains to pet carpet damage.  Depending on a carpet’s texture, fabric or shade, the impact of carpet damage varies but overall, your carpet is most likely to be a victim of;

  • Water damage
  • Moth damage
  • Carpet stains
  • Carpet bleach damage
  • Vacuum cleaner damage
  • Pet carpet damage
  • or carpet burns from cigarettes, pet reptile’s warming lamps, heating lamps etc.

If this is the case, don’t stress yourself hunting down a new cheap carpet, our service is the best, fastest and most affordable carpeting solution you can bank on.

And we can repair all types of carpets including berber carpets.

How do I start ?

Simply give  us a call . Our Coquitlam carpet repair team is trained and experienced in flooring solutions to ensure that your carpet repair needs, are well taken care of no matter what they are. Carpet damage may vary but the ability to restore your carpet to a refreshed state of being never will. We will;

  • Assess your carpet damage
  • Share with you our Coquitlam carpet repair recommendations
  • Work with you to select the best carpet repair treatment
  • and just like that give your carpet the Coquitlam carpet repair service that will help bring it back to life

Why should I do it?

Besides the fact that your carpet will look and feel better; you will

  • Reinforce the carpet damage area to avoid it becoming worse
  • Improve the look of your room in an instant
  • Save yourself the cost of buying a new carpet as our Coquitlam carpet repair service is definitely much cheaper

About your Coquitlam Carpet Repair Expert

Owner, Pablo Schroeder, has 30 years of experience serving the Coquitlam area, working with both residential and business customers. He has earned a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and guaranteed quality work.