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Carpet Restretch

There is a line down here. It’s actually a bump in the carpet. Can you see it? When I stretch the carpet here you still might be able to see this area. It may look like a raise here. That’s just because the carpet has been left this way too long with a roll in the carpet. Also over here, they just put one tax strip in. I am going to put to two tack strips in. Also with this area there is another problem challenge. There are water pipes in the floor. And so I have to make sure that I don’t nail into those water pipes. They nailed into the floor and they took a chance with the water pipes. Now over here you can see where I am putting double tack strip down to make sure that it holds. That is so it will be stretched once and once only. And the carpet will never have to be stretched again. I will show you when I’m all done. You see right down here. There is a little bit of a shadow here. But the carpet is all flat. It is tight as a drum. I got that carpet stretched all the way down to the wall. The carpet in the whole room is tight right? And I got a happy customer?

CUSTOMER: Happy customer.  Now I am ready to put the whole room back together.
And so do I have a happy customer?

Customer: You have a very happy customer. It was a big carpet bump but now the carpet is all flat. The carpet looks great. I am pleased. Thank you.