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Below is the conversation in the above video

Carpet Repair In Apartment Building

Pablo:I did a couple carpet patches right here already. You can’t even see them. Anyway, I’m going to repair these burned carpet spots here. And then I’ll show you what it’s like afterwards.
Is the owner coming in or the manager of the apartment building.
Customer: the owner.
Pablo: I know the best way to do this is put little carpet patches in here instead of one big carpet patch. In that way it will not show up near as much.
Customer: oh Pablo. What a wonderful job. I am most certainly very satisfied. I didn’t really think the carpet patch could be so perfect. I didn’t really think so. I would like to say. Thank you very much. I am most certain at you have saved me a lot of money instead of buying new carpet. And so when I have my elevator fixed I will most certainly call you back to fix carpet in my hallways and in the lobby. I most certainly will. Thank you.