When you’re ready to get a new carpet, it’s important to know what to do with your old one. Here are some of the most common questions people ask about carpet recycling.

Carpet Recycling FAQs

What is the process of recycling carpet?

Carpet recycling centers work to harvest the valuable material from old carpets and create new, repurposed material.

The carpet recycling process begins with identifying and separating material. To separate the layers of carpet, they are sometimes sent through a machine that cleans, shreds, shears, and separates the material.

This newly separated material can then be reused in the production of new carpets. Source: Rubicon

Is it possible to recycle carpet and carpet padding together?

Many companies that recycle carpet also take carpet padding. Carpet padding is recycled separately from carpet, however, so it’s best to double-check that both are accepted by the program you choose to use to recycle your carpet.

What happens to carpet when it is recycled?

Recycled carpet is typically turned back into plastic resin that can be used to make a range of products for industries including: automotive, transportation, construction, and home and garden.

Is old carpet recycled when it is replaced by a flooring company?

Although the carpet industry has pledged to recycle and recover more, whether or not your flooring company will recycle is dependent on your local area and their internal resources. When you’re getting ready to purchase new carpeting, ask about removal options. Source: Earth911

How can carpet be reused?

As long as the carpet is clean, you can reuse it. After you remove old carpet from one room, you can actually install it in another room in your house if desired. This is a great option if you’re removing carpet from a low-traffic room.

You can also reuse carpet in various DIYs and crafts. If you have a number of carpet scraps, for example, you can sew them together to make a decorative rug or a kitchen mat. Some other ideas for reusing carpet scraps include:

  • Cat scratching toy
  • Kitchen mat using carpet scraps
  • DIY rug
  • Welcome mat for your front door
  • Padding under exercise equipment
  • Area rugs
  • Car mats Source: TreeHugger

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