Have you started to notice bald patches on your carpet’s surface? The culprit might be the tiny insects that feed on its fibers. Get rid of them and stop future infestations by doing these simple tricks:

5 Things You Must Do to Prevent Carpet Beetles from Coming Back

Keep your pet’s area clean

Furry pets are the first choice of carpet beetles. They feed on the dead skin of your pets and use their body as their hiding place. If you spot any carpet beetles on your pet’s bedding, clean and wash it in hot water to kill larvae or eggs. Don’t forget to give your pet a shampoo bath.

Don’t store fabrics or cloths for extended period

You must regularly clean and wash cloths, fabrics, rugs and carpets in hot water or dry clean them. This is particularly applicable for cloths and fabrics which were not used for some time. Source: DoItYourself

Watch out for dead bugs

Constantly be on the lookout for dead insects in the cracks of the walls and flooring of your home. Try removing dead bugs by vacuuming over them or picking them up with a paper towel. Cracks are one of the more subtle living spaces that carpet beetles can thrive within.

Go synthetic

Choose synthetic materials over organic fabrics when possible. Get products made of synthetic fibers instead of natural ones as often as you can. Carpet beetles don’t feed on synthetic fabric. Keep this in mind when purchasing furniture, rugs, and carpets. Source: WikiHow

Sprinkle boric acid

Boric acid, which acts as a poison on insect metabolism, is only hazardous to humans if ingested or inhaled in large quantities. Find it at pharmacies and sprinkle it in powder form lightly and evenly on carpet, then use a broom or brush to distribute it into the fibers. Wait several hours and vacuum thoroughly. You may also prepare a larvae-killing spray by adding one tablespoon of boric acid to two cups of hot water and stirring until the powder dissolves. Fill a plastic spray bottle with the solution and mist curtains, upholstery, baseboards, and dark nooks and crannies where carpet beetle larvae hang out. Source: BobVila

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