Spring cleaning is only an annual activity, but for some, it’s still so difficult to get it over with. That’s why we created a list that will help you thoroughly clean the most annoying places in your home. Check it out below:

5 Deep Cleaning Tips Even the Laziest Person Can Pull Off

Put anti-microbial doormats at the entrance

Take a cue from infomercials everywhere, and invest in an anti-microbial doormat. This wondrous invention will trap any dirt coming from outside before it even enters your home. Better yet, enforce a no-shoes policy to avoid having muck tracked across your carpets and tile floors. The less dirt, the less cleaning you’ll have to do later. Source: RD

Clean the bathroom without effort

After you are done showering, take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Wrap the bag over your shower head and secure it. Make sure the shower head is soaked in the vinegar solution. By the time you wake up, most of the work will be already finished. Wipe with a cloth, and you’re done! Source: DIYEverywhere

Let your microwave clean itself

The microwave will almost clean itself when you boil one cup of water and one cup vinegar inside. Once the water and vinegar create a grease and grime busting steam, all the iciness wipes away easily with a rag. Source: DenGarden

Don’t let moisture in

Fight mildew growth by understanding why it forms in the first place: consistent moisture. This is an issue particularly in bathrooms. Make a point of drying out bath mats, tub liners, and shower curtains thoroughly. Leave your washing machine’s door ajar. Hang damp kitchen and cleaning rags to dry if you’re not laundering immediately. It helps to crack open a window in the bathroom or run a fan when showering to prevent moisture accumulating.

Source: TreeHugger

Use refrigerator liners

Spills are going to happen in the fridge. It’s best to take precautionary measures. Simply line your shelves with liners or plastic wrap. Then, you can clean them as needed and not worry about pulling whole shelves out of the refrigerator. Source: HomeHacks

Or you can have us deep clean your carpet so you won’t need to worry about any build-up of dirt. Give us a call so we can reserve a cleaning for you!