It’s already Christmas Eve and it would be a bummer if by now, you’re still not feeling the spirit of Christmas. Make it the best holiday this year by trying the following activities:

4 Fun Ideas for Christmas Eve

Sing Christmas Carols Around the Neighborhood

What better way to spread Christmas cheer than to serenade the neighbors? Some families love bundling up after a hearty Christmas Eve dinner and singing their way through the neighborhood. Who knows? If you’re good enough, there might be hot cocoa and cookies in it for you! Source: iMom

Do Charity Work

It’s all too easy to forget about people in need during the hectic holidays. Add a charity component to your Christmas Eve, either asking dinner or party guests to bring a can of food or toy that you can donate to the appropriate charity. If you’re celebrating with your family, head out to a soup kitchen or toy drive and volunteer for a couple hours before you start opening your own gifts. Source: BestLifeOnline

Christmas Eve Pickle

This tradition is one that will tickle everyone. It’s German in origin, though no one seems to be exactly sure how it started. Basically the pickle-shaped ornament is the last one that goes on the tree on Christmas Eve, and it’s hidden deep in the branches. Whichever kid finds it first in the morning gets an extra gift from Santa. Source: SheKnows

Host a Christmas Eve Dinner

Invite people over to share in the celebration with you. Spirits will be high and there will be lots of cheer to go around. Christmas Eve menu ideas include preparing a big traditional feast with roast beef, potatoes, and peppermint trifle or encourage guests to bring a potluck dish to share. Dim the lights and dine by candlelight for a magical holiday atmosphere! Source: PunchBowl

Don’t worry about your guests spilling food or hot cocoa on your carpet. You can always give us a call once the festivities are over, and we’ll take care of your flooring for you. For now, we hope you have a Merry Christmas!