Some people feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day is too cliché, but wouldn’t it be a good reason to rekindle the fire in your relationship? Make your home more romantic using these simple design tips:

4 Decorating Tips You Should Try This Valentine’s

Amp up the sweetness with chocolates

Using seasonal chocolates or other candy is an inexpensive {and tasty!!} way to add some color to your Valentine’s Day decor.  Use wrapped chocolates or place candies in covered glass containers.  One of the good things about decorating with chocolate is that you don’t have to store it at the end of the season. Just a warning that it may need to be replenished frequently. Source: CleanAndScentsible

Feel the love with you wall art

Spread the love at your Valentine’s Day party with wall art that sends the right message. If you can do it with a neon pink sign, even better. Source: HouseBeautiful

Let nostalgia hit

Memorialize a romantic location—like where you met your significant other or the spot of your first kiss—with this DIY Valentine’s Day decoration. Apply rubber cement to both the map and a foam-core board, then press the pieces together. Let dry. Trim away any excess map with a crafts knife and ruler. Print out the LOVE template. Using tracing paper, trace the word in reverse onto watercolor paper. Cut out the letters. Line up the watercolor paper and board edges and glue the watercolor paper over the map. Trim any excess on edges with a crafts knife and ruler. Source: BHG

Make it floral

In the middle of February, we can all use a dose of spring. Bypass the expensive (and admittedly cliché) dozen roses in lieu of a soft pink arrangement from your local florist.

Pick up a mix of your favorite flowers; we love carnations, peonies and gardenias for a billowy, delicate-looking arrangement. Bits of greenery add to the organic, simple look of a bouquet. A metallic or cut-crystal vase completes the look and adds simple, modern detail. Source: Freshome

With all the wine and chocolates you’ll enjoy with your partner this Valentine’s, it’s inevitable for some to fall on your carpet and leave a stain. Don’t let this dampen your mood. Call us and we’ll take care of it!