Create a fun, creative environment for your child by designing the playroom of their dreams. Here are useful ideas to get you started:

3 Tips on Designing a Kid’s PlayroomPhoto by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

Design your kid’s room based on their interest

At one point they would love playing chess or cricket or enjoy playing with barbies and G.I.Joes. Sometimes they will stay calm in front of books or may be the boss of their fake business or school assemblies. Or they can have all at once. In short, design the room the way you would design other home interiors. Know their requirements, understand the scale, match the wall and use effective colour palettes. Source: HomeOnline

Add more storage units

If there’s one universal truth, it’s that kids come with lots of stuff. The best playrooms are those with plenty of storage available to keep all of it out of the way while making it seem part of the design.

Your first step is to consider what kind of storage will work best for your family. Do you need lots of bookshelves for an avid reader, a tricked-out entertainment center for a video game aficionado, or cubbies to hold a menagerie of stuffed animals? You’ll likely need to use a combination of pieces to accommodate all of your child’s interests. Source: Freshome

Discard kid’s unused toys

This is the best kept secret of designing a playroom. In order to avoid chaos you need to make sure to donate toys or furniture your kids outgrow (or get bored with).

Think about how you would decide to donate clothing. If your child hasn’t used or played with something for six months, donate it.

Or if you’re nervous your child will come looking for a specific toy, just set it aside. If they don’t ask about it donate it! Source: CrateAndBarrel

If you’re thinking about the type of flooring to use, carpet is a perfect choice. It protects your kid by cushioning falls and providing a good footing. We’ll be glad to help you with installing it. Call us today!