Did you know that dragging your furniture or keeping the carpet dirty can make it more prone to fraying? When you start to notice the carpet edges turning into a messy tangle of fibers, stop it from getting worse by following these easy tips:

3 Things You Can Do To Stop Carpet from Fraying

Inspect what causes the fraying 

Do not trim the frayed carpet with scissors if the carpet is still under warranty. Fraying in other areas of the room may indicate a problem with the carpet. Review the warranty and contact the dealer or manufacturer to discuss a solution. Check the furniture for exposed wood or metal that might be fraying the carpet. Look at the legs and feet and turn the furniture over to view the bottom of the feet. Exposed nails and missing hardware can snag and fray carpet. Repair the furniture and the fraying will end. Source: eHow

Use a seam sealer

Seam sealer is designed to keep seams together for the long term. They do a good of keeping it together. Apply the sealer to the gap and allow it to dry. Be sure to apply gentle and constant pressure so that the seam is sealed properly. Source: DoItYourself

Glue the sides

With a hot glue gun, you can work on the frayed edges and seal them. You will save time as well as the cost of repairing. The glue is specifically targeted to the backing of the carpet, hence very effective in solving the fraying problem. With adequate practice, you can seal the frays in a short while and continue with other chores at home. Source: RealtyTimes

Carpet damage can be tricky to repair. You need the right tools to make the job easier for you. And more often than not, hiring a professional to do the carpet repair is a no-brainer compared to the cost of renting the equipment plus the effort it will require for you to finish the job. So if you need help on any carpet-related problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call!