No matter how much you love your pet, it can still be frustrating to come home to a damaged carpet. Find out more about how to keep your furbaby from wreaking havoc at home by checking out the following:

3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Scratching the CarpetImage Source: Flickr

Lack of exercise

Play with your pup and give him plenty of outlets to release his energy. While you may twiddle your thumbs when you’re bored, some dogs decide to give digging a try and go to town on your carpet. Releasing your dog’s energy through walks or playtime ends those sudden urges to dig and instead makes him plop his butt down and go to sleep when he’s bored. Source: Pets.TheNest

Getting comfortable

Dogs often dig, scratch and circle before they lie down as a way to get comfortable. Protect your carpet by providing your dog with a comfy bed, preferably one with raised edges so he can feel like he’s snuggling into a safe den. A pile of blankets on top of carpet also can help reduce the scratching problem and give your pup a more acceptable fabric to work with. Source: Cuteness

Fear and anxiety

You may find that your dog starts scratching and digging at the carpet whenever they hear something outside the home. It could well be their response to something they find threatening or worrying which triggers this kind of reaction. However, dogs often scratch at carpets when their owners leave the house, it’s their way of showing they are not happy at the fact they have been left on their own which is called separation anxiety. To help stop them from doing this, it might be worth working alongside a dog behaviourist who would be able to get to the root of the problem and then gently break the habit to prevent your dog from ruining all your carpets. Source: Pets4Homes

A damaged carpet should not come between you and your pet. It’s really easy to fix. Call us today!