Whether it’s because of scary movies or the general eeriness that comes with going down a flight of stairs to the basement, we can’t deny the fact that basements can be quite scary when not decorated correctly. Here are some design tips that you should consider:

3 Essentials Design Tips for Your BasementImage Source: Flickr

Choose the best type of flooring

“In my opinion, carpet is 100 percent the best flooring for a basement, because it can fit any budget and any style of decor” says Donna. “If you want your basement to feel like a living room, do a thick pad underneath with a nice thick carpet; if you’re creating something that’s primarily a play area for the kids, choose a low carpet.”

For bathrooms and bar areas where moisture is more likely to become an issue, stick with hard tile and invest in a radiant heat system to keep the floor warm and comfortable. Source: HGTV

Pick the right paint color

The general rule is that lighter colors are best in a basement. Light and bright fabrics, floors and artwork will help lift up a dark and dreary basement – but they’re not the only options. You can certainly go with darker colors as long as you have sufficient lighting.

That said, don’t go with a dark color on the ceiling. It will become oppressive and heavy. A good idea is always to go with a lighter shade of the wall color or some version of off-white. It will make the ceiling appear higher which is exactly what you want in a basement. In a basement, you want to draw the eye up and create as much height as possible. Hanging art on the walls is another great way to incorporate color and pattern into a basement. Decide on the look you want and then go for it. Just be sure not to hang your art too high. Hang it at eye level to create the illusion of height above the piece. Source: TheSpruce

Have adequate lighting

Effective lighting makes all the difference in a basement, which typically has little or no natural light. Lamps are one option, but most people prefer a central lighting option. The most common lighting solutions are recessed lights and hanging lights.

Recessed lighting is set into the ceiling and effectively hides the bulb while eliminating the need for fixtures. Hanging lights hang down from the ceiling and allow you to choose your style of fixture. A combination of the two options keeps the room from looking too cluttered. Source: DoItYourself

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