Winters aren’t just tough on the outside of your home, they can also be challenging to the inside as you and your family track snow, dirt and salt inside – all of which can potentially stain and damage your carpet. By following a few simple cleaning tips, you can keep your carpets clean during the winter months.

Image Source: Flickr

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Professional

The easiest and best way to clean your carpet completely is by hiring a professional. Having your carpets professionally cleaned in the winter has its advantages. First advantage is that carpets generally stay cleaner in the winter because dust and allergens are less prevalent. Removing these allergens from your carpet in the winter will make for a much cleaner and fresh home. Source: WestchesterCleanings

Vacuum and Spot Clean More Often

You probably have already noticed that your cleaning schedule needs to get bumped up a little in the winter.  Salt, dirt, and even slushy stains require you to be more diligent.  As you notice more mess coming in, make sure you clean it up before it becomes a bigger problem.  Vacuuming dirt away will guard against ground-in stains, and regular spot-cleaning will keep stains from setting in. Source: Any-Spot

Protect your Carpet from Future Stains

  • Keep your walkway free of snow and slush by shoveling, snow blowing or hiring a snow-removal service.
  • Avoid the dirty snow all together if you can by parking and entering your house through a garage.
  • Set up a shoe rack at your front door and ask that family members and guests remove their shoes at the door
  • Invest in two welcome mats–one to stomp on outside and remove as much snow as possible and one inside to stand on while removing shoes.
  • Use runners or winter rugs along heavily trafficked hallways and rooms.
  • Put a pen around your pet door so pets can come inside, but can’t leave a rug-covered area until you get the chance to wipe their paws. Source: GreentCarpetCleaning