Having new carpet installed can almost make you want to avoid stepping on it in hopes of keeping its pristine look. Use the following tips so you won’t have to worry about your carpet looking old soon.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Looking NewImage Source: Flickr

Regular Care

Frequent vacuuming will help keep soil and debris from becoming embedded in carpet. Soil can pit and scratch carpet fibers, so regular vacuuming helps maintain that new look. High traffic areas should be vacuumed two to five times weekly. Light traffic areas may require twice weekly vacuuming, but don’t forget to go over non-traffic areas like corners once a week to keep dust from building up.

Use a vacuum with adjustable brushes that will suit the type of carpet and the area you are cleaning. Use a crevice tool to get into corners and a beater brush attachment when working on stairs. Regular vacuuming not only picks up dust, dirt and surface fragments on your carpet but will fluff up the fibers to counteract daily wear. Choose a vacuum setting to match the height of the carpet so it will clean efficiently without damaging fibers. Let your strokes overlap so you cover the entire carpet. Use the angled nozzle attachment to clean along baseboards where dust settles. Replace the vacuum bag or empty the canister when it is 2/3 full so your machine works safely and more efficiently, and periodically check the hoses and attachments for obstructions that might impair their function. You want to get the most clean with the smallest effort! Source: SheKnows

Use Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

You can protect carpet in high-traffic areas with rugs. Look for rugs that are tough and will be able to stand up to some wear and tear, but that are affordable, so that if they do start to show some wear you will still feel like you got your money’s worth for them.

Another benefit to using this approach is that rugs can be easier to clean than carpets. You can shake them out when they get dirty and take them to be professionally cleaned as needed. Source: HSS

Avoid Using Carpet Powder Products

Carpet powders are a popular way to eliminate odor in your carpet. However, they can leave traces of powder residue in the carpet, especially if you overuse them. You may not see this residue until the next time you have your carpet steam cleaned or shampooed. Then, you’ll see a white, sometimes sticky film on top of your carpet. If you absolutely must use carpet powder, use it sparingly. Source: AngiesList

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