Do you see unsightly dents in your carpet? They are often caused by furniture being dragged across the room, and can be frustrating to remove. That’s why we have compiled a few quick DIY methods to help you get rid of these pesky dents.

Ice cubes

If you’re already on thin ice with your carpet, why not use ice cubes to melt away carpet dents and your holiday hosting troubles? The first step is to hit up your freezer’s automatic ice maker for supplies, or simply freeze a tray of ice cubes before proceeding.

  1. Give dents the cold shoulder by placing a large ice cube (or multiple cubes, if you’re dealing with larger indentations) directly into the carpet divot.
  2. Let the ice melt for at least a few hours, and up to 12 for those deeper dents. The water will engorge the nap of the carpet, bringing it back to the height of the surrounding areas.
  3. Blot the excess water with a sponge.
  4. Last, use a coin or spoon to lift up those downtrodden carpet fibers. Source: BobVila

Blow dry

You can also spritz any dents with water. Then, use a blow dryer to heat the affected areas. Use your fingers to brush up the fibers intermittently through the drying process. Source: Huffpost


Some types of carpeting, such as berber, are notoriously difficult when it comes to dents. Since the fibers are tightly woven, rather than standing straight up and tall like a plush or pile carpet, it takes longer for dents to release. Several methods may be required to completely remove the dents. Spritz the dented area gently with a mist of water, then run your fingers or the edge of a plastic gift card back and forth over the dented area. Steam the dents with a carpet steamer or with a damp white tea towel, ironed in place, then run your fingers or the plastic card through the fibers again. If still dented, spray the affected area with a light mist of water, run your fingers through the fibers, then heat the area with a hair dryer set to medium heat for several minutes, pausing every minute or so to comb the fibers with the card or your fingers. Take caution not to overheat the carpet, just apply enough heat to make the fibers expand. Source: Hunker

If these different ways didn’t help, it’s time to call us! We’ll help make your carpet look brand new in no time.