All homeowners understand how frustrating it is to clean grout. It can be stained, discoloured, and has an easily recognizable haze. But don’t worry! This blog post will help you get rid of those annoying grout stains.  Some may find this task daunting but the process really isn’t complicated at all – and the end result is worth it!

How to Remove Grout Haze

What causes grout haze?

Grout is made of minerals and cement mixed with water. When the water dries, minerals remain on the tile surface. Residual grout haze is a normal part of tiling.

Because grouting involves pulling grout across the tile with a rubber float, the tile is entirely covered with grout at some point. The float scrapes off a majority of the grout, but a thin film remains. Source: TheSpruce

How to remove it?

It should be easy to clean up tile haze with basic, gentle astringents, such as a drop of mild dish-washing soap in a gallon of warm water or a spray bottle filled with the standard straight vinegar. Vinegar won’t leave any residue behind, which some harsher detergents can be known to do on tile. Cleaning grout off tile with vinegar is safe and efficient for ceramic and porcelain tile installations and grout, but acid cleaners should never be used on porous or stone tiles, which includes vinegar and rubbing alcohol. A good dust mask should still be worn to prevent the tiny particles that created the haze from ending up in your eyes and nose. They can cause an itchy throat or troublesome cough after being inhaled.

Tackling more stubborn stains

If the grout haze is significant or stubborn after a good scrub with gentle cleaners, a commercial cleaner can cut through the gathering grime in no time. Haze created days after using a cement-based grout can be more difficult to remove. A good grout haze removal technique is to use rubber gloves and a mask while working in small areas across the floor, wall, counter or backsplash. Cheesecloth dabbed with commercial removers can get the haze off quickly and easily. If the haze lingers, a clean terry cloth towel can get through the haze when paired with the right cleaner. Source: Hunker

Important reminders to keep in mind

To make sure that your removal is successful, remember to keep these tips in mind.

  • Start with the easiest method and move your way down.
  • Remember to keep acids like vinegar away from your porous titles. If you are unsure, opt for the mild detergent.
  • Let your grout dry for at least 24 hours before tackling haze.
  • Don’t wait too long. The longer that you let the haze sit, the harder it will be to remove.
  • Shine a flashlight on the haze to make sure you got it all before calling it quits.
  • If in doubt about the method to use, ask your installer. Source: Cleaning.LoveToKnow

We hope that it was helpful to learn how easy it is to get rid of those pesky stains on your flooring. If you have tried any of these methods and they haven’t worked for you, please don’t give up! Call us today so we can help.