5 Types of Flooring that Goes Perfectly in Your Garage

There is plenty of work to do in the garage, and you need just the right type of flooring to withstand all of your activities. Here are some great options:

Rubber Tiles

DIY-friendly rubber tiles have interlocking edges and install without glues. They’re tough, resistant to chemicals, help prevent leg fatigue and come in many patterns and colors. If a tile is damaged, it’s easy to replace. Most have-anti skid textures to help prevent slips.

The knock on rubber is that it naturally breaks down over time. However, most rubber garage flooring products have 25-year warranties.

Sheet Vinyl

Made extra-thick and tough for garage floors, vinyl sheet flooring is a good low-cost option for upgrading your garage floor. It’s textured for traction, resistant to oils, gasoline and cleaning fluids, and it’s relatively easy to install.

Another alternative for DIYers is peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. It’s a bit labor intensive, but you’ll get great looks and can even create your own patterns. Source: DIYNetwork

Epoxy Coatings

These roll on like paint, making it relatively easy for a do-it-yourself project. They comes in a wide variety of colors, with flecks that add a sense of texture. Epoxy coatings are resistant to stains; oil and water bead up on them, and they’re easy to clean with a swipe of a cloth.

Rubber Mats

A little more expensive than epoxy but not as pricey as tiles, rubber mats are a durable and relatively easy way to protect your garage floors. Installation is as simple as rolling the mats out to fit your garage, trimming the edges and adhering them to the floor. The major drawback? The mats can be sensitive to heat and damage from petroleum products. Source: HGTV

Outdoor Carpet

We are not talking about your 1970’s garage-turned-rec-room shag carpet, rather heavy duty outdoor carpet that can withstand elements and weight. Source: Gardenista

Nowadays, there is carpet designed for every room in your home, even for the garage. We can help you find one that works well in your space. Call us!