It’s fun to hold a party at home; but the moment the guests leave and you see all the mess you have to clean up, you realize how tiring the task is. Make your post-party cleanup less taxing by following these tips:

 5 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Hosting a PartyImage Source: Flickr

Cover stain-prone furniture

Break out the slipcovers. This isn’t always appropriate or necessary, but for large gatherings where you’re expecting food and drink to be consumed in all rooms, draping fabric over certain favorite stain prone pieces can help save you a few . Source: ApartmentTherapy

Use plates

Don’t think you can get away with serving appetizers with just napkins. Paper plates will help minimize spills.

Place saucers under candles

If your dripless candles aren’t so dripless after all, blow out any that look like they’re about to make a mess. Place pillars on large, heat resistant plates to catch melted wax. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Put trash bags in visible places

If guests don’t know where to throw their stuff away, they can’t help you even if they want to. “Make sure you have plenty of trash receptacles located throughout your home so people can throw away their stuff on their own rather than you having to clean it up,” says Fauth.

Keep spare trash bags within reach

For big bashes, you’ll likely have to take out the trash at least once during the festivities. Minimize the hassle factor by keeping extra bags where the action is (that is, the trash can or recycling bin). “This will make trash and recycling ready to go with a new bag to line the trash can again and again,” says Ballard. Source: HouseBeautiful

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