Who wants to step on a dirty carpet at home? No one! That’s why you always strive to keep it clean. However, you might be making a cleaning mistake that could result in a damaged carpet. Take note of the following:

4 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Image Source: Flickr

Waiting too long to deal with carpet stains

They really should be dealt with immediately. Use a towel to soak up the spill and blot, never rub, a carpet spill. Next, pour a thick layer of bi-carb soda over the spill to soak it up and vacuum up the bi-carb the next day.

If you leave the stain until the next day without treatment, it gives it time to set and seep into the fibres of the carpet, making it much harder to get stains out. Source: RealEstate

Incorrectly using carpet deodorizer

Carpet deodorizer powder isn’t intended to clean away dirt, and it isn’t effective at stain removal.

Even worse, the average vacuum isn’t powerful enough to remove deodorizing powder, causing it to build up and making the carpet even dirtier over time. Source: AngiesList


Over-shampooing occurs when either too much shampoo is used or the carpet is not adequately rinsed. Both are practically inevitable with some wet do-it-yourself approaches. This is the biggest reason why even hard-core do-it-yourselfers should occasionally use a professional. If they don’t, the build-up of soapy residue can be impossible to clean out, leaving a carpet that is a virtual dirt magnet. Source: HomeAdvisor

Neglecting to hire a professional carpet cleaning company

A lot of people do not want to call a professional service for help because of the extra costs they have to make. But that is not always the right decision. Yes, most times you can clean your carpet properly without the need of any assistance. However, in cases of badly damaged carpets or frequent stains from children and pets, you’d better call the specialists. Otherwise damages may become permanent, leaving you with no other alternative than to buy a new carpet. Source: EZineArticles

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